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KP information minister urges doctors of KP to call off strike

Information minister KP urges the doctors of KP to call off the strike on prior basis .He held a press conference in this regard.

Khyber Pakhtoonkha Information minister Shaukat Yusaf Zai while talking to a press conference said, we have provided all the doctors and para medic staff with handsome salaries.

We have resolved all of your issues earlier but you called the strike, the doctors of KP must compare their salaries with other provinces. whatever they asked in terms of allownces and salaries we provided them with that previously.

He said the same Pakistani doctors devote more duty hours when they work abroad, but in Pakistan they have issues.
We sorted out all the issues with doctors and para medics. If there are more issues discuss with us we will try to fullfil all the desires.

He said who will be responsible of the patients who are suffering during all this chaos and when we ask them the reason of holding strikes they say it is because of privatization.

The information minister said “What privatization are you talking about? If government is heading towards privatization the service will remain there. If it is in favor of system why can’t we implement that. He further said ” I guarantee the doctors their job privileges will remain there. There will be no diffence in salaries and duty. ”

We want to implement the better health systems , the systems that are implemented abroad , He further added.

He warned the doctors that If you still want to continue strike, do that we will see other options and other people. If this mafia will try to control the system we will deal with it. You earn from government and do what you wish to do.

He urged the doctors of KP to call off the strike as soon as possible and get back to the duty.

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