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Indian Media’s Propaganda about PM’s Wife Revealed.

Exactly when you think Indian media can’t get any lower, they help you to remember the equivalent. This time, these official Indian news organizations have made an absurd news that Pakistan’s First Lady Bushra Bibi doesn’t have a reflection. That is right. They don’t think its a joke. They believe it’s Magic.

Acknowledging how silly this all is, later the Indian news source ANI erased their story, however screenshots remains forever.

Here’s the first story as announced in Indian media:

An Indian professor of peace and conflict research in Sweden also criticized the Indian Media for spreading fake and absurd news about the Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan. He also taunted  Indian Media to worry about why their Prime Minister Narendara  Modi  has not revealing his  wife  anywhere for 46  years saying ” Modi married in 1968 and admitted in 2014″.

Indian Media further reduced itself and used  fake template of Capital news for spreading the fake news about prime Minister Imran khan’s wife. The channel than clarified it in their news bulletin that Indian media has used the fake template to spread their propaganda against the first lady of Pakistan and their channel has not  published any such news.The channel further clarified that  the management has also complained to FIA about the fake posters being used 1 year ago.

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