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Hammad Safi Diagnosed With Life Threatening Disease, Request Prayers

Social media sensation and motivational speaker Hammad Safi was admitted in Al Shifa International hospital following abdominal pain. Hammad Safi was later on told that his appendix has ruptured which needs immediate surgery.

According to a post shared by Hammad Safi on his Facebook, he was suffering with abdominal pain few days ago, after which he was rushed to Shifa International Islamabad. But the doctors had termed his situation satisfactory and gave him clean chit.

The motivational speaker went on to add that after few days he suffered from the same problem. But this time his family was told that his appendix has ruptured that requires immediate surgery. He further added that through lazer technology my operation was completed aftet the permission of my parents.

Hammad Safi wrote that his family was told that it could have led to serious consequences if he wasn’t brought on time to the hospital. Hammad Safi questioned as why Doctors of Shifa International hospital failed to diagnose the problem with his health the first time he was taken there.

Hammad Safi requested people to pray for his speedy recovery.

غلط آپریشن یا غلط ٹیسٹ …… کچھ دن پہلے ہمیں پیٹ میں درد کی شکایت ہوگئی تھی اور کھانا کھانے سے بھی ہاتھ کھینچ لئے تھے…

Gepostet von Hammad Safi am Montag, 30. September 2019

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