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Sabir Shakir reveals the Plan behind technical fault of PM Imran Khan’s Plane

Senior Analyst Sabir Shakir has revealed that Plane of PM Imran Khan was targeted to destroy it.

PM Imran Khan’s plane had not any technical malfunction, but It was tried to control the navigation system to destroy the aircraft. But the soldiers of Pakistan saved him by timely action by the grace of Allah.

Sabir Shakir has further said that after 1971, Zulifqar Ali Bhutto along with Yasir Arafat, Shah Faisal, Kernal Ghaddafi and Ahmad Sa’adat, planned to make an Islamic block against Western countries. For this purpose, the 2nd Islamic Summit Conference was held in Lahore in 1972. They decided to use oil as a weapon against the West.

After that, Western powers got aligned against them and In the end, each one of these leaders fell prey to them. Their deaths were unnatural. West had made sure that no Islamic alliance came into being to stand against them.

Due to PM Imran Khan’s speech in the UNGA, Western powers are feeling insecure and danger. They are making calculations about Imran Khan, Mahathir Muhammad and Tayyip Erdogan. If Iran joins this block with China and Russia, then It will be a huge blow for the US.

Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman presented his plane to PM Imran Khan for his US Visit. An investigation is being done on how navigation system of Plane goes down? The plan was to destroy the Plane.

So, After an emergency landing in New York, PM Imran Khan decided to use commercial flight for coming back and the name of the flight was kept secret. Suggestion of using commercial flight was given by the intelligence agencies of Pakistan to ensure the safety of PM.

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