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Pakistan’s befitting response to India in UNGA

After addressing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the 74th General Assembly of the United Nations, the diplomat of the Pakistani mission, Zulqarnain Cheena, replied that the Prime Minister of Pakistan had exposed India’s brutal face.

Zulqarnain Cheena, diplomat of the Pakistani mission to the United Nations, took the stand in response that India has been oppressing Kashmir for 30 years, there is no freedom to liberate Kashmiris.

PM’s address to the General Assembly, has exposed the atrocities in Kashmir and India’s mask has fallen off.

In response, diplomat Zulqarnain Cheena said, “Why is India afraid to allow the people of occupied Kashmir to speak?” India responds to lockdowns and sanctions in occupied Kashmir? Does India have so much courage Could you respond to a human rights report?

He further said that India did not even mention Kashmir at the General Assembly forum but Prime Minister Imran Khan highlighted what they had hidden and exposed the cruel face of India.

Diplomat Zulqarnain Cheena also said in response to Modi’s address that the Indian spy Kalbushan Jadav already confessed to have launched terrorist activities in Pakistan.

He said that the Indian government is promoting the RSS ideology; Mahatma Gandhi’s assassins are blowing secular India.

It should be remembered that Prime Minister Imran Khan unveiled the Indian atrocities and butalities in his speech on 74th General Assembly Session,  which was being praised worldwide.

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