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Pakistan 15th most powerful Military of the world

Pakistan is ranked 15th in the most powerful militaries of the world. Global Firepower released its list of the 2019 World’s Most Powerful Armed Forces, covering more than 50 factors.

The list has been released based on the country’s manufacturing status, including military power, geography, logistics capabilities and natural resources available in the country.

In the list, the army of 25 countries has been described as the most powerful army in the world, while the ranking also estimates the nature of each country’s weapons.
In addition, the list of 25 military forces with nuclear power has been given a bonus, but the number of nuclear weapons reserves has not been taken into account in the rankings.

However, in keeping with this list, Pakistan’s armed forces are the 15th most powerful army in the world, with the top US, Russia second, China third and India fourth.

According to the list, Pakistan’s defense budget is $ 7 billion, while the number of Pakistani troops is about 12 million four thousand.

The list states that Pakistan is ranked 7th in planes in 137 countries with a total number of aircraft being 1342, of which 348 are fighter aircrafts.

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