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Here’s What PM Imran Khan Said About Bushra Bibi Upon His Arrival

The Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan arrived today after completing his successful visit of the United States of America. The Prime Minister was warmly received at the airport by party workers and leaders.

Thousands of people gathered at the airport to welcome Prime Minister. Imran Khan also addressed the enthusiastic supporters present for his welcome at the airport.

The Prime Minister especially thanked the first lady for her prayers during the all important US visit.

“I especially thank Bushra Begum for her prayers,” Prime Minister Imran Khan Said.

Prime Minister also thanked the whole nation for their continuous prayers and support.

“First and foremost; I want to thank my nation. The way that you prayed for us, the way that you prayed that we can fight the case for Kashmir; going through a difficult time, at the U.N,” PM Imran Khan Said.

Prime Minister went on to add that we should not be de-motivated by bad times as it’s part of the struggle.

“8 million people have been kept under curfew by the Indian army. So I just want to explain one thing to you; that all battles have ups and downs. All struggles are marked with ups and downs. You must not get demotivated by the bad times,” Khan added

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