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Kashmir Lock-down: ‘New generation of Kashmiris have no fear of death’

“The future is no longer known. We were given some rights in the constitution. Now these rights have been abolished. They are saying that this was done to improve us, then you would ask us, take us in confidence. ‘

These thoughts about the ongoing lockdown in Indian-administered Kashmir belong to Kashmir’s young female activist, Safina Nabi.

Talking to the BBC in Delhi, he said that it has become an emotional issue for the people of Kashmir.

“That’s what people say now, now or never. People have these feelings now or we can do something to solve our problems. If we can’t do anything now, we will never be able to do it because they know that this is the last time to do something.

She says rumors are spreading that everything is fine. The entire communication is disconnected. The government is making decisions by putting everyone in prison.

“For the people you say you decided to at least ask them.”

She says’ people’s anxiety, anxiety and anger are increasing. There is no fear of death in a new generation of Kashmiris. They are dying every moment. How will people feel when they are in prison? Their condition is as if a bubble was imprisoned in a cage.

Safina says women, men and women in Kashmir’s lock-down are all going through their own hardships.

“These conditions have the most profound impact on women and young children. All sources of expression have been stripped. The emotions that are flowing inside. No one knows when they will explode.

She says Kashmiris have a lot of resistance and this is not the first time they have seen a situation like this. They have been seeing such conditions for a while. But this time it’s a bit different.

‘You have abolished the privileges of Kashmiris, you have turned off the phone, closed the Internet, schools are closed. There is no way you can talk to people. People’s anxiety and anxiety are increasing. People’s emotions are not diminishing. ‘

He says Kashmir is now in the grip of an uncertain future.

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