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India’s Reply on PM Imran Khan Speech in UN General Assembly

India’s Reply on PM Imran Khan Speech in UN General Assembly.

Indian delegation replied, “every word spoken from the podium of this August assembly it is believed carries a weight of history. What ever Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke was a callous portrayal of world In binary terms us-versus-them, rich vs poor, north vs south developed vs developing Muslims vs others. A script that fosters divisiveness at UN attempts to sharpen differences and stir up hatred are simply put hate speech.  Rarely General Assembly witnessed such misuse of an opportunity. Words matter in diplomacy the invocation of phrases such as pogrom , bloodbath, racial superiority , pick up the gun and fight to the end reflect medieval mindset not a 21st century vision. PM Imran khan’s threat of unleashing nuclear devestation qualifies as  brinksmanship not statesmanship. Here is the link to the speech”.

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