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DG ISPR Offers Burnol to Gul Bukhari and Company

Recently another breakthrough seen through the twitter account of DG ISPR account where it could be seen in one of his latest tweets . He is offering Burnol to Gul Bukhari and her company.

As these are few bunch of people who are totally against Islam criticized PM Khan for discussing about Muslims and their problem at UN.

She is working with Anti Pakistan Secular NGO’s that are trying to promote Secularism in Pakistan but they are not successful in doing so far.

Pakistan is an Islamic State formed under the banner of Islam,this all would strengthen the believe of every Muslim. The Corrupt Agenda of such people of having anti nationalist mindset must have to give a lesson to them but they are free in our country. ISPR reply would led us proud that we have such great defenders in our Pak army in any kind of situation.We all salute to our Hero DG ISPR Asif Ghafoor.

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