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Saudi Arabia eliminating Hijab for tourist women

Saudi government announced tourist visa for the first time, while eliminating the need for female tourists to wear Hijab (abaya).

According to the announcement made by the Saudi government, online tourist visas will be for 49 countries, while the main purpose of tourist visas is to boost the country’s economy.

In this tourist program, the Saudi government has amended its strict laws regarding women’s clothing, which will allow women from abroad to not wear abaya but to visit the country with proper clothing. They should wear clothes that cover them properly.

Saudi Tourism Chief Ahmad al-Khatib says tourist visas may include permission to visit many heritage and archaeological sites, while holy sites in Medina will not be allowed for the tourist visas . Places will be restricted to visitors on tourist visas as they are currently limited to ony Muslim visitors and cultural and heritage sites .

It should be noted that in Saudi Arabia, hijab (abaya )is mandatory for women and without it no woman can go out in normal clothes.

The Saudi government says it expects to contribute up to 10 percent of gross domestic tourism production by 2030, which is currently 3 percent.

According to the Saudi government, one million jobs are also expected to be created in the tourism sector.

Saudi Arabia allows women to travel abroad without male mentors
Earlier in 2017, Saudi Arabia also announced a $ 1 billion plan to convert 50 islands and other ancient sites into luxury resorts along the Pacific Ocean.

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