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No Dowry , Biggest Decision by Government

Federal Government has decided to amend the family law. they have decided to change the law against dowry.

The suggestions have been sent to the government of Punjab in terms of amendment in the Dowry Act. After the amendment the details of dowry will be attached with the Nikkah Form along  with a dowry verification form.

Punjab Government has taken immediate actions after the instructions of Federal Government to look into the matter of Dowry. Because most of the times marital issues are based on dowry, the federal government has suggested a few amendments to Government of Punjab, Which includes attachment of details of dowry, details of cash paid in dowry, the list of household item given in the dowry  will be attached with the nikkah form along with verification form.

These amendments are made to avoid any sort of misunderstanding in case of any disagreement due the dowry after marriage,  the changes in the act will help in resolving the matter or it will help the Girl and the family to  get their rights back.

Punjab Governments has asked the minister of law to give their opinion on these suggestions for the amendment in law. Punjab Government will provide their final suggestions to the federal government in 1-2 days and after that Federal government will finalize the amendments.

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