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Historic Speech by PM Imran Khan at UNGA

PM Imran Khan has just given the best speech of his life in the 74th meeting of United Nations General Assembly.PM was supposed to deliver at the world stage and He has not only delivered but rocked on the grandstand.

PM Imran Khan highlighted four points in his speech including Global warming, Money laundering, Islamophobia and Kashmir issue.

PM has highlighted the issue of global warming as his first point. He has urged greenhouse gases releaser countries and contributors to stop destroying nature. PM has highlighted the consequences of global warming, and then he has informed the listeners and viewers, about the steps, Pakistan Govt. has taken to tackle global warming and climate change.

The second point of PM speech was about money laundering from poorer to rich countries. This money is used for terror financing and drug smuggling. Economic crises develop due to money laundering by the ruling elite. Retrieving money from money launderers is so difficult as law protects the criminals.

Rich countries must show political will to stop money laundering so that this money can be used for human development as It’s an agenda of the UN. I don’t understand why there are tax heavens and safe places for money launderers.

Third point of PM speech was Islamophobia. There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. Since 9/11, Islamophobia has paced rapidly in the West. Wearing Hijab is becoming difficult. Certain Western leaders equated terrorism with Islam. There is no radical Islam.

There is only one Islam. Terrorism has nothing to do with any religion. Islamophobia creates pain in our hearts. Marginalization of Muslim communities will lead to radicalization. There are radicals in every community and religion. Suicide attacks and Islam were equated.75% of suicide attacks were done by Tamil Tigers before 9/11.

In 1988, a book was published maligning our beloved Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H). The reaction of Muslims came from all over the world. We should explain West, What Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) means to us.

Islam created the first welfare state ‘Madinah’. Rights to every women was ensured. Money was spent on poor, orphans and widows. Islam has even given rights to slaves.

Islam gives rights irrespective of color and religion. Their places of worship were protected. Our 4th Caliph lost a case to a Jewish citizen. That was the rule of law and equality.

Our Beloved Prophet (P.B.U.H) lives in our hearts. The pain of the heart is far far far more than physical pain. West should understand that we feel the same pain when someone talks about Holocaust. We should be sensitive that gives pain to the human community.

The last and main point was about the situation in Kashmir. PM said, ” I want to make one thing clear that my 1st priority was that Pakistan would be the country to bring peace in the region. We have lost 70,000 lives in a war that was nothing to do with us. No Pakistani was involved in 9/11. Al Qaeda was in Afghanistan.

When I came in power, We reached India to resolve our differences to work for peace and prosperity in the region. Meanwhile, a 20 years old teen whose father was ridiculized by Indian Army in IOK got involved in Pulwama Attack. India blamed us.

I told India to give us any proof and we’d act. We had actual proofs of Indian intervention in some terrorist attacks in our Balochistan province. We even caught their spy Kulbhushan Yadav who admitted to crimes.

Modi’s election campaign was all about teaching Pakistan a lesson. We thought It was his trick to win election but after winning election, they tried to push us into FATF Blacklist. They planned to bankrupt our country.

Imran Khan said that despite 11 UN resolutions, India on August 5 eliminated the controversial status of occupied Kashmir and imposed a curfew, sending thousands more troops there so that the curfew is implemented. Indian government is working on the belief of RSS and Modi is its representative. This ideology hate Muslims and Christians.

In the election campaign, Modi said that this is just a trailer. The whole movie is still pending. Modi is an RSS member who is inspired by Hitler and Operates on Mussolini’s theory. The Prime Minister said that the world wondered how the bloodshed in Kashmir would affect Kashmiris. Wondering what will happen when the curfew ends? Do not millions of Muslims in India see this?

What are the forces doing there? Pallets are being shot at the youngsters, how have 8 million Muslims been living there since August 5? Why is the world silent on this matter? What if 80 million Jews were detained for so many days? Indian soldiers are raping women in their homes.

The Prime Minister said that it is at a critical time that when two nuclear forces are in the front, we are not supporters of war but we are fighting the battle, we believe in Laa illa’ha illalah that we will fight till the end. There will be no other option that will affect the whole world, if there is bloodshed, it will not be because of Islamism but because of lack of justice.

The United Nations has a responsibility to stop this war. This is the reason the UN came into being in 1945. If a conventional war will be started between the two countries, anything will be happened. I’m warning you. This isn’t a treat. You have promised to give rights to the Kashmiris.
The first thing is to demand India to lift the curfew. India should remove curfew in Kashmir for the last 55 days, release 13,000 Kashmiris, UN and international community give Kashmiris their right of self-determination.”

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