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Hassan Minhaj exposes India’s hypocrisy

Renowned American comedian and host Hassan Minhaj made a comedy in honor of Indians.
Hassan Minhaj was present outside the venue to attend Modi’s rally in Texas in the United States, but he was not allowed to attend the event.

Now in an interview, Hassan Minhaj told of the incident, saying that when he found out at Modi’s rally that US President Trump would inaugurate his speech, he did not smile.

Hassan Minhaj added that he was later told that he was barred from attending the rally because of Modi’s patriotic law.

Hassan Minhaj further said that after not being allowed to enter the event, he started watching it on live streaming on mobile, so Indian-Americans were being honored for performing outstanding service to the US at the event. He saw on the mobile phone that he too was honored at the event and he had also stopped him from the event.

Hassan Minhaj made the occasion even more humorous and said that it was such an honor that as Indian people we are proud of you but we are proud of you.

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