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China Inaugurates New Airport in Beijing

China has inaugurated a $ 11 billion new airport built in the country on the occasion of its 70th birthday.

Chinese President Xi Jinping formally inaugurated Daxing International Airport in Beijing, the on Wednesday.

Authorities say that it was needed as there has been a rush on airport  already in Beijing which led to the need for another airport.

The unique thing about Daxing airport is it is in the Daxing district 46km south of the city centre (20 minutes by express train).
It looks like a starfish from the sky designed by renowned architect Zahid Hadid.

Beijing’s daxing airport spans 7 million square meters, according to Chinese newspaper China Daily. You think it’s as big as 98 football fields.

According to the Airport Council, Beijing Airport is the second largest airport in the world, while the first is located in the US city of Atlanta. But Daxing Airport has the world’s largest terminal in a single building.

China’s state-run news agency Global Times has said that seven inland flight companies will launch operations at the airport at the inauguration. The airport will welcome 17 tough passengers by 2025.

British Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Finn Air, among international airlines, announced their flights from Dashing Airport.

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