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Imran Hashmi Responds to Asif Ghafoorʼs Tweet

Bollywood star has responded to Asif Ghafoorʼs tweet regarding his upcoming Netflix series Bard Of Blood. The upcoming Netflix original series will be premiered on the streaming giant on coming Friday.

During an interview when Imran Hashmi was quizzed about Asif Ghafoorʼs statement regarding Bard of Blood. The Murder star stated that there is no propaganda and that Asif Ghafoorʼs tweet just incited hatred among others.

“I think that one tweet (Asif Ghafoor’s) led to other people spewing hate. But to put things to rest, there is no propaganda here,”he said.

He went on to add that we don’t have any agenda as the book was written back in 2014 with a very different political situation between the two countries at that time.

“This is based on a book that is written by a [then-] 20-year-old kid back in 2014. The political climate at that point of time was very different. There is no agenda to it. Our show is based on that book and that’s that” he added.

“You make a show of this nature, which has some kind of political relevance, and it going to snowball and you will have people talking. Everyone has an opinion these days,” he added further.

DG ISPR had called out Shah Rukh Khan for making anti Pakistan TV show instead of giving a message of peace by raising his voice for the people of Kashmir.

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