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Govt. Imposes Ban on Rauf Klasra and Amir Mateen’s Talkshow

Government has banned Aap news Talkshow of famous analyst Rauf Klasra and Amir Mateen. The reasons hasn’t disclosed yet. A feud between Federal Minister for Maritime Ali Haider Zaidi and Rauf Klasra was going on on twitter from the past week.

Senior Journalist has claimed that Ali Haider Zaidi has committed the crime of nepotism and has presented a 14 billion metro Peshawar project contract to his friend Atif Raees. He has further accused that Ali Zaidi resides at Atif’s house.

Ali Haider Zaidi, on the other hand, rejected all the claims saying that He is ready to face any inquiry. After that, an inquiry was conducted but according to Rauf Klasra, Ali Haider Zaidi has brought his friend Sabahat Ali Shah as executive director NITB-Complaint against Atif Raees to produce a favorable report saving his friend.

Senior journalist Imran Riaz Khan has condemned govt. sanctions on Media.


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