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President Arif Alvi Seen Collecting Trash from trekking

President Arif Alvi is seen picking up trash on hiking trip in Changla Gali.President Alvi advises citizens to be responsible tourists.

President Arif Alvi was spotted picking up trash during a hike in the Changla Gali, according to a photo shared by his son on the social networking platform Twitter.

His son also said that “it is so sad that they use to come for trekking but they do throw garbage and go away which is sad. We shouldn’t do this  ”

The President was also seen collecting the trash in a trash bag and then disposing it off in a bin on the side of a road. President Alvi advised tourists to act responsibly during trips to the mountainous north.

His son Awab Alvi also said “During our treks we usually take trash bags on our treks but accidentally forgot them, next time will do more. Our citizens need to be educated to enjoy this beautiful county but be Responsible Tourists,” he added.

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