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PM Imran Khan Best Answer to a US Journalist

PM Imran Khan has given a mouth shutting reply to a US journalist about Islamic extremism. PM has explained the true concept of Islam based upon peace, equality, and harmony with safeguard of rights of minorities.

Islam is only one, we believe in Muhammad’s Islam Responding to an important question, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in clear words: “I want to make it clear that Islam is not two. What we believe in is that of Muhammad( P.B.U.H), there is no such thing as extremist or moderate Islam. ”

“The rights of minorities and women are present in Islam but implementation is weak. Islam has given equal rights to minorities. Unfortunately we moved away from the state of Madinah. The state of Madinah is my ideal state.”

”Islam is the religion where a common citizen can question the Caliph and Incident of a jew winning the case against the Caliph of that time is another supreme example of justice and equity.”

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