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An Ordinance to Bring Public Execution Law for people involved in child abuse.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has ordered that a law on the hanging of perpetrator for sexually abusing children be brought publicly.

Talking in the news program ‘Nadim Malik Live’, Minister for Information Zartaaj Gul said that Imran Khan had passed the law at a previous cabinet meeting.

He said that the clerics were not with the government on population control and polio issues, but this class is involved in sexual abuse of children, Pakistan is the most dangerous country for children.

The government minister said that when the government does this kind of talk, they bring the Western agenda into it.

Social activist Shahzad Roy said one in five children was abused in some way.

Relatives are involved in 92% of cases of child abuse and they do not come up, he said.

He said that nothing was being done to protect the children in Pakistan. The government should include content in children’s textbooks.

Prominent columnist Amina Mufti said cases are registered only when the child is murdered.

He said that hanging an offender will not solve the problem, it should reach its root.

Amina Mufti said that children are regular users of sexual abuse and there is no gender discrimination.

The columnist said that regular research on this issue was needed to find a permanent solution.

Federal Head of Health Dr. Zafar Mirza said that it is sad that our children are not safe in the society, we should fully understand the depth of the problem.

The adviser said that we need to encourage him to talk to him to find a solution to the problem.

Live:Program Nadeem Malik Live, 23 Sep 2019| Hum News

Live:Program Nadeem Malik Live, 23 Sep 2019| Hum News

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