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Kashmir:Most searched word on google

In August, “Kashmir” became the most searched word on Google.

According to Media reports, after the elimination of the special status of Kashmir on August 5, there was a wave of concern across the world, the closure of the communication system in occupied Kashmir, the internet, mobile services, landline services, and other communication systems were closed.

The world’s largest search engine “Google” was searched in Kashmir in the last month. It has not happened before when the UN has given Kashmir attention.

After the cancellation of Article 370, not only Pakistan but people all over the world searched for Kashmir most and tried to find out what’s going on there. Not only Article 370, people have also extensively searched for information regarding Kashmir flag, Kashmir security and Kashmir.

The curfew in Kashmir, especially with the closure of internet and phone services, has led to curiosity in the world as to what is going on there. That’s why Kashmir Topic is being searched on Google. Given the situation, it is said that the focus of the entire world on the eradication of curfew will be concentrated Kashmir, which India fears.

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