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Iran Warns US and KSA of ”all out war”

Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif says the war will not be limited but the entire region will be wrapped up. He has warned the US that their attack would trigger a ”All-out War”.

In an interview with the US TV channel CNN, Jawad Zarif said that It was the responsibility of the US to issue visas to the UN member states, the US did its best to prevent me from attending the UN General Assembly. In the letter, I was disqualified for a visa; I was granted a visa-based exemption.

The Iranian Foreign Minister said that if there was a war, it would not be limited but the whole region would be wrapped up. We believe that whoever starts the war will not end the war and we will not start the war.

Jawad Zarif added that attacks on Saudi oil facilities are being taken in the wrong direction, it is possible that we will not accept UN investigations into the attack on Saudi oil facilities because we do not know the basis on which UN experts were sent. The UN has not consulted with us to send experts for investigation. If the UN conducts an unbiased investigation, it will prove that Iran did not attack.

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