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Houthi Rebels Claimed Responsibility of Attacking Saudi Oil Installations

Houthi rebels have claimed to have carried out the attack, but the US and Saudi Arabia have blamed Iran.

Tehran denies any involvement in the strikes.

UN statement said the proposal could send a “powerful message of desire to end the war.”

The offer comes a week after Houthi rebels targeted Saudi Arabia’s oil installations with drones and missile attacks.

Remember that the Houthi rebels claimed responsibility, but the United States and Saudi Arabia blamed Iran for the attack

Saudi Foreign Minister Adil al-Jubair said Saudi Arabia is confident that the attacks were carried out not just from Yemen but from the north, but also that global energy security was targeted by attacks on oil installations.

Adil al-Jubair said Saudi Arabia is consulting its allies on the attacks and will take necessary and appropriate steps after the investigation is completed. However, they did not give details of possible steps.

On the other hand, General Hussein Salami, the head of Iran’s revolution, warned against attacking his country, saying that any such attack would result in the attacker’s destruction.

Remember that last week, Saudi Arabia’s two major oil installations, including the Aramco company’s major oil processing plant Abaqiq and the Western Oil Field Purchase,was attacked by drone and missiles strikes. The United States in Saudi Arabia at the request of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Had decided to send his forces

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