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Mureed Abbas’s wife seeking justice

Prior, Mureed Abbas, a TV anchor for private news channel was murdered on July 9 while the prime suspect Atif Zaman tried to commit suicide admitted to the hospital and later arrested by the police after confessing about killing Mureed Abbas.

Atif Zaman Murdered of Mureed Abbas

During a public interview at SP Clifton office, the police authority expressed that the driver committed suicide on account of the persistent investigation.

Addressing media’s inquiry, he said Atif Zaman’s driver lived in Karachi’s District East and henceforth if any case is to be enlisted it will be stopped in his local location.

In addition, he uncovered that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has likewise been educated regarding the insights about the case.

Mureed Abbas wife is constantly fighting for justice in case of his husband’s murder. She has been appealing the Government to investigate this case and arrest the second suspect of his husband murder Adil Zaman, who has been freely wandering around.

Murderer’s Brother who was also Involved in the Murder.

According to the Mureed’s wife Sindh police has failed to arrest the killer Adil Zaman. Adil is constantly using social media. He is constantly updating his activities and uploading his pictures on Facebook and Instagram. Everyone is aware of Adil Zaman’s activities but only the Sindh police are unaware, and they are unable to arrest him.

She has further mentioned Adil Zaman has indirectly threatened key witnesses of the case Umar Rehan by texting him on Facebook, but the police silenced the spectators.

In a video she uploaded on Twitter he said, Police is just giving them false consolations that soon they will receive good news. Despite the nonbailable warrant issued for Adil Zaman, Police are not working on the development of arresting the suspects and punishing them.

She has mentioned that police are giving lame excuses in the court that we are trying but we are failed to arrest Adil Zaman. She said I have personally visited SSP Tariq Dahrejo’s office and shred the information I got about Adil Zaman, but he has stopped receiving my phone calls.

She claimed that police are not even trying to arrest the suspects. Further she thanked the Adviser to chief Minister Sindh Murtaza Wahab for helping them and ordering police to arrest the suspects, but she claimed that police have not taken his order seriously.

She has Questioned the police to answer all her concerns and she even said, “Last time I had to go on the roads in front of press club and next time I will go Infront of the CM house. Do I have to be on the roads again to seek justice in my husband’s murder case?”.

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