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Financial irregularities revealed in General Elections 2018

Financial irregularities of million rupees have been revealed in the general elections 2018, the purchase of additional fold-able ballot boxes has been revealed more than double.

The Election Commission’s audit report reveals that there are no adjusting minutes for payment to the polling staff.

The audit report states that the purchase of more than three ballot boxes and screens by the Election Commission has resulted in a loss of 36 million 68 million.

The report also said that more than half a thousand vehicles were recovered from the total number of polling stations.

Similarly, 53 crore payments were not adjusted except for polling staff.

Audit officials have also declared a rule against 3 crore 86 lac spent on food for long-serving officers.

There is also no record of the 98 million spent on seminars and entertainment gifts. One hundred fifteen thousand ballot boxes and 110 lac screens were purchased extra.

According to the report, there were a total of 85,000 polling stations and transport funds were provided for more than 86,000.


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