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US Patriot Missile System Fails to Protect Saudi Aramco, Russia

US Patriot System couldn’t stop Saudi Aramco attack because of low efficiency, Russia

A few days ago, drone strikes were launched on Saudi Arabia’s official oil refinery, which reduced the supply of oil to the world by less than half.

US and Saudi Arabia accused Iran of attacking oil installations, while Iran believes the US is seeking a false justification for attacking Iran.

Russia’s reaction to the attack on Saudi oil installations also came in.

In his statement on social media, US President Donald Trump said that we have evidence that attacks on Saudi oil installations were made from Iran while Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif said in his response that we do not want war. If America or Saudi Arabia attacked, then there would be a devastating war.

Attacks on Saudi oil installations were made from Iran, while Iranian Foreign Minister Jawad Zarif has said in his response that we do not want war but if America or Saudi Arabia attacks, then there will be a completely devastating war.

The statement issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Middle East and outside of the region did not conclude in a hurry to attack Saudi oil installations.

Now, sources in the Russian Ministry of Defense say, despite installing 88 Patriot missile systems in Saudi Arabia, oil installations were attacked with drone and guided missiles, and the Patriot system failed to stop them

According to Russian media, the United States has installed powerful defense systems and radars in the north of Saudi Arabia.

Russian Defense Ministry officials dismissed US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s explanation of the attacks on oil installations, saying that the US air defense system is lacking.

Mike Pompeo claimed in his statement that the US air defense system witnessed controversial results to prevent attacks worldwide, sometimes taking them seriously to protect a single object.

Russian media says that the obvious reason for not accepting the claim of the Houthi attack on Aramco installations is that if the claim was accepted, it would be considered a failure of the military alliance in Yemen.

Here is Russian media report

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