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Fan Asked Najam Sethi why he supports Nawaz Sharif

In Sethi Say Sawal a fan from London asked question that you favor Nawaz Sharif and against Military, why?

It is obvious from his show that he is strongly anti PTI and Pro Nawaz Sharif as his reply was so depicting this.

His answer to the question .
Can I ask you whom you voted if you have voted Imran Khan you won’t like my views.

My view is that just take an issue listen both sides views if government  is right I support them if opposition is right I will side them and if both are wrong I will speak against them.

He said I am biggest democracy advocate and I support it I know there has been massive corruption but Imran Khan said I will change it in a blink but he couldn’t even get the money back from corrupts. Najam sethi said sending politicians to jail by making fake cases won’t be a solution.

Everything needs to be addressed in systematic way there are many countries who have corruption but don’t we know who are doing corruption presently , we can also name them.

In 1989 Benazir Bhuto did a meeting with Rajeev Gandhi to resolve issues but she faced backlash and her govt was turned down. The solution of Kashmir issue is with establishment. No political party can decide on Kashmir. Then Nawaz Sharif came and tried to solve but his govt also could not run again PPP came and was turned down due to their problems and this kept on going no body could resolve it.

So what is solution? Is government and establishment handling in a good manner?

Besides Najam Sethi’s view on Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan what do you people think of his opinions?

Do you think he holds grudges with government?

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