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China to sell Aircraft Carrier to Pakistan

China has been considering selling aircraft carrier ships to Pakistan for the past several months; the ship could potentially become part of the Pakistan Navy by 2020.

Pakistan’s best friend and closest friend Malik China once expressed his friendship. While China is helping Pakistan to become the world’s largest economic power through CPEC, China is continuously supporting Pakistan to become the world’s largest and strongest defense force.

In this regard, China has now made a strong decision. China is going to make the biggest deal of its history with Pakistan. China has made a big decision to increase Pakistan’s defense force, especially maritime defense.

China has decided to provide Pakistan its first aircraft carrier. The Pakistan Navy has so far been lacking in aircraft carriers, while the Indian Navy has the capability to carry aircraft warships.

In this situation, China has decided to help Pakistan. China built its first aircraft carrier ships a few years ago. China’s aircraft carrier has been operational since 2012 and is considered to be one of the best aircraft carrier ships in the world.

As China is now developing more aircraft carriers, China has decided to hand over its first aircraft carrier to Pakistan, but no formal agreement has been reached between Pakistan and China in this regard. ۔

It is likely that China’s airliner will become a regular part of the Pak Navy by 2020. China will hand over Pakistan after upgrading its first aircraft carrier. On the other hand, China will also provide modern warships and submarines to Pakistan.

The news of this defense agreement between China and Pakistan has aroused Pakistan’s enemies, especially India.


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