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Putin sneers Saudi Arabia in trilateral Summit

The Iranian President was on a two-day visit to Turkey, where a trilateral summit was held between Turkey, Russia and Iran in Ankara.

During the trilateral meeting, Russian President Putin and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani met and discussed the relations between the two countries and the situation in the region.

Meeting with Iran, Russia and Turkish heads of state Putin was discussing utmost significant matter that was in the wake of attacks on Saudi oil installations.

The meeting between the three leaders also discussed the attack on Saudi oil installations. Russian President Vladimir Putin, best known for his satirical rivalry, used the issue to satirize the United States and Saudi Arabia.

According to reports, during the press conference, Russian President Putin offered to sell Russian-made missile defense system to Saudi Arabia, but his tone was sarcastic.

Putin said, “We want Saudi Arabia to help protect its people and country. The Saudis must make a wise decision and buy the S300 missile defense system, such as Iran or buy the S400 system, as Turkey bought ‘.

Putin also pointed to attacks on Saudi oil refineries, adding that “these reliable systems will protect Saudi installations”.

The Iranian foreign minister and Turkish head of state were continuously smiling on Putin’s Satire .

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