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Russia is not happy with Middle East’s conclusions on attacking Saudi Installations

Russia has reacted on the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil installations and US and Iran’s tensions.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that the Middle East and outside the region countries should not conclude in hurry that who have attacked Saudi oil installations.

Attack on oil fields: We are ready and have set our targets, we are waiting for Saudia Arab’s response.

He said that the stringent response to the debate in Washington is unacceptable, so the region and foreign countries should refrain from actions that would damage the region’s stability.

The Russian Foreign Ministry says that non-stop measures will be harmful in the context of US policy on Iran.

On the other hand, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin visit Turkey’s capital Ankara where they have discussed about the stability of region.

Iranian weapons used in attack on Saudi oil fields, Arab military alliance
It is understood that drone strikes were carried out on two major Saudi Arabian oil fields in the past, including the Aramco company’s major oil processing plant Abaqiq and the Western Oilfield mineral.

Following the attacks, the Middle East is facing severe tensions and oil prices have risen, while the United States has directly blamed Iran for the attacks, but Iran has denied the allegations.

After that also the Arab military coalition, led by Saudi Arabia, has accused Iran of using Iranian weapons in an attack on oil installations

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