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Heaps of Garbage Litter Contaminating Islamabad

Almost all the sectors of Islamabad lack proper waste disposal and heaps of garbage smell the surroundings for weeks . Although the CDA is responsible for sweeping, cleaning and transportation of solid waste, the garbage collectors are not even coming it has been days that they are not coming to work. They have been protesting against the government as they are not paying their salaries in time.

Presently, the situation has worsened as there are heaps of garbage litter outside the houses and streets. Government has been failed in educating about it and also by not paying them in time they are actually trying Islamabad to follow Karachi’s path.

No sector in Islamabad is actually taken care of as Blue area, F6 ,G11and G 10 , all the sectors are reported to carry heaps of garbage litter that is open for the view.
People are posting videos and inages from all sides of Islamabad.

There is no mechanism to ensure the timely collection and disposal of garbage for the middle-class neighbourhoods of G-6, G-7, G-9, G-10, G-11, I-9 and I-10.

The streets are littered with trash. The designated garbage skips are overflowing and the janitors visit according to their own volition. The residents have become tired of filing complaints, but to no avail.

“I’ve been living in G-10/1 for many years. It used to be a clean sector but now markets and streets are out pouring with garbage.

From water supply to maintenance of roads, we have been neglected. In our streets, the caretakers hardly pay a visit. The CDA placed trash can is filled with garbage which is now polluting the surroundings.

According to CDA, almost 600 tonnes of solid waste is collected from all over the city and is transported away and dumped outside Islamabad. The Capital Development Authority is also trusted with providing sanitation services to roads and highways, commercial and industrial areas, open spaces, parks and model villages.

People have started posting on Social Media about litter but Government is silent. Prime Minister Imran Khan pledged to make country clean but the already clean places are being contaminated as no one is coming. What may we call it? A policy failure as these systems have failed who were running from years.

It’s a high time government should do something .

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