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Alamgir cried & got emotional after a tribute given by PAF.

Alamgir a famous voice of 90’s. he was born on 11 august 1955 in the east Pakistan. From the early age he was fond of singing and to pursue his carrier he moved to the city of Quaid Karachi in 1971. To keep the life flowing, he started singing in a hotel located on Tariq road where his passion and melodious voice was soon found by an appreciator. After some time, he was called for a program audition for Pakistan television cooperation and was selected as a guitarist by the famous musician Masood Rana. After a while his first song “Albaila rahi” was released which became a reason of his overnight fame. In honor of his singing he received different awards, which includes Nigar award, Presidential award are prominently cited.

Alamgir had special attachment with the Pakistan Air Force, and to express his love and attachment with PAF he produced a milli song for Pakistan air force in 1990 in the name of “Mujahid e Aflaaq” which is famous as “tum hi se ae Mujahidon”. Alamgir not only created this melody free of charge but from his enthusiastic voice made the lyrics alive.

A song made of beautiful poetry and even more beautiful voice of Alamgir has almost completed three decades but its lyrics are still awakening passion and enthusiasm among the youngsters.

In a recent event organized by Pakistan Air Force in the Name of “Pakistan Air Force special”. PAF paid tribute to Alamgir in honor of his great devotion and unconditional services to the institution.

Everyone applauded and paid a standing ovation when Alamgir arrived on the stage.

He was overwhelmed, excited and emotional and started crying after seeing so much love and affection shown to him not only by PAF but also the audience. He blown a flying kiss towards the audience and whispered, “I Love You All”.

Before starting his speech, he was so emotional and couldn’t stop his tears. He said “Today at this time, the situation which has been created for me has been my dream ever since I have started working, this moment is my dream come true.”

Alamgir then shared his thoughts about the song he made for air force he said, “this is not a song, this a feeling, this is love for air force.”

Further he shared the beautiful story behind making this historic song, he shared “In the 90’s I was on a world tour, I came from south Africa to America in Los Angeles for a show, on the same day I received a call, really surprising call from the Air Chief of that time Hakeem Ullah sahib. “Look Alamgir I am going to be retired in a year and before going I want to leave a souvenir; can you please make a milli song for the PAF” he said. I was overwhelmed and I was so happy, and I started thinking that if he wants to leave behind a souvenir this is now a challenge for me, I will have to put all my efforts to make it look like a souvenir. And whenever I sing that lyrics “Shaheed ki jo maut hai wo qaum ki hayat hai” I always have goosebumps and I cry. I was also crying whole time while I was watching the documentary.” And he cried once again.

He said, “I have become so happy after making this song and after serving the PAF, this is my biggest award and no award could have been bigger than this.”

Then, on the request of the anchors Alamgir gave a message through singing another famous song “Maaon ki Duaa poori hui” for the youth and the cadets who were sitting in the audience and listening to his speech.

Later to present the lifetime achievement award the head of Pakistan Air Force, Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar khan was called on the stage.

Alamgir Haque was overwhelmed to receive the lifetime achievement award from such a big institution of the country which was handed over to him by the current Air Chief Marshal Mujahid Anwar khan himself, he hugged him with happiness and gratitude.

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