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Sheikh Rasheed Speech in National Assembly Today

Minister for Railway and leader of Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has said in his speech in National Assembly that Farukh Habib is a Hardworking and talented Parliamentary Secretary. I wasn’t willing to interfere. It is the rule of Railway that If a train derails during going to washing line or If the wheel of a Rail prolapse while coming to a station then It is considered as an accident.

There are three thousand railway gates out of which twelve hundred owe a man. A total of 138 trains are used regularly. It is the carelessness of the public due to which many accidents take place as everyone is in a hurry to cross the railway gate despite seeing a train coming towards him.

This is the only government of history to steer four trains in Sindh.
This credit goes to the government of Imran Khan. I apologize to the whole nation that no extra train is available to accommodate more passengers.No train or wagon is free.

I will start ML 01 from Sindh In Sha Allah. It is a cruel act that hundred km area is empty there in Jacobabbad, Rohri and KandhKot.Tell me the name of one Minister that has visited every corner of Sindh. Tell me one Minister in the 72 years history of Pakistan. I promise you that ML01 will be started in October.

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