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Launching 5G in The Country Will Take 5 More Years: PTA

Few weeks ago when Zong successfully tested 5G service, we thought Pakistan might be among the first few countries of the world to launch the fifth generation services.Pakistan had become first south asian country to test 5G.But guess that’s not happening any time soon because according to Pakistan telecommunication authority (PTA) the launch of 5G is not possible before five years.

This was revealed by PTA member Dr Khawar Siddiqui during briefing to the Senate Standing Committee on Science and Technology today. PTA also asked for a time of two months to chalk out a complete strategy in this regard.

Regarding Zong’s claim of testing 5G, he said that it was just a site test rather than a network test. He further added that Zong has been warned for running a misleading advertisement regarding its 5G test.

The PTA member stated that there are still many things such as impacts 5G on human health, right of ways, applications, security, and infrastructure which needs to be analyzed. Khawar Siddiqui revealed that PTA is not yet ready for this big test.

“As of now, the PTA is not ready for the launch of the 5G technology,” he said.

Senator Attique Sheikh called the PTA for conducting 5G test under it’s supervision but Khawar Siddiqui replied that telecommunication network across the globe are responsible for conducting such test on their own.

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