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Severe Human Rights Violation on Hindu Community Seen at Ghotki Sindh





As it is recently seen uncommendable act of Human right violation to been here in Ghotki last Sunday. A video goes viral on Internet where a mob gathered near temple and starting screw things up as one of the school principal here accused of blasphemy by extremists.

An unruly mob on Sunday ransacked “three temples, a school and multiple houses belonging to the Hindu community” after a principal was accused of blasphemy by a student in Ghotki.

The violence took place after an FIR [First Information Report] was registered against the principal of Sindh Public School which accused him of committing blasphemy. The case was filed under Article 295-C  and accused the principal of committing blasphemy on the school’s premises.

Videos showing a frenzied mob venting their anger on a Hindu temple and the Sindh Public School in reaction to the alleged incident of blasphemy were making rounds on social media.Speaking to a local media outlet, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Ramesh Kumar Vankwani said Hyderabad Deputy Inspector General Naeem Shaikh will head a probe into these allegations. Speaking about the safety of the school principal, he said the suspect was moved to an undisclosed location for safety reasons and will be handed over to Shaikh.

“I have talked to Sindh Inspector General of Police Kaleem Imam who has assured me to fully protect the accused, therefore, I am going to hand [the principal] over to police either in Karachi or in Hyderabad today,” he said.

The MNA said that the protesters had vandalised three temples, a private school and multiple houses belonging to the Hindu community and added that he had asked police to register an FIR against people involved in the riots.

As soaring tensions and vulnerability of the minority community was pointed out by activists on social media, Additional IGP Dr Jamil Ahmed, in a tweet, said the police were taking measures to control the situation. Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani said that an FIR of the incident had been registered and the suspect was under the custody of police. He promised a transparent investigation into the incident.

Ghani, however, said it was an act of an individual and the entire Hindu community had no fault in it.

“If the allegations are proven, then action will be taken against the accused in accordance with the law,” he said, appealing local religious figures and general public to remain calm.

The Human Rights Council of Pakistan also expressed concerns on reports of violence against the minority community, calling upon the government to take notice of the incident.


As this news is also covered by international media which is shown by them by exaggerating the news.


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