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Farogh Naseem announced C category jail for Mega corruption prisoners

Farogh Naseem has said that those whose cases are under Nab and are Mega Corruption cases, or those who are even accused of corruption are being put under C category, which means they will wear numbers the way prisoners  wear uniform. They will eat and live in C category  jail and they have to be abide by all the rules that are being abide by jail prisoners. It was discussed in the program cross talk on 92 news. The anchor said that the statement of Farogh Naseem clearly shows that now Maryam Nawaz, Nawaz Sharif and Zardari all will be put under the same list of C category .

He also asked Qamar ul Zaman Qaira about this .
What do you think about decision of NAB?
Qamar ul zaman said that
“Your Law gives exemption to all the prisoners who can afford it , it is the history of the court , your court has also released the prisoners of death sentences after being charged and again after the charges your prisoners will be  released by Court then who will live in C category. 

I request government to sit with opposition do talk instead of giving dictation. We know government is so immaculate PML Q is also very pious so are you just once do talk and listen to opposition and show consensus on what opposition are saying , it isn’t necessary that we are wrong.

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