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Squadron Leader Hassan and Wing Commander Nouman Says Sleep tight PAF is awake

Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui and Wing Commander Nauman Ali Khan were invited to the ceremony of Shuhada that was held on 6th September. They were given a standing ovation and salutes.

The anchor asked from Wing Commander Nauman Ali Khan that Sir what were your feelings when you were in the cockpit and seen India crossing LOC from the radar?

Nouman Ali Khan has said that on 26 Feb the way enemy cowardly attacked Pakistan and went back and the way we counter-attacked them are two different scenarios.

They came at night missed their targets and went in haste but we in response went there and destroyed the targets and stayed there and we told them what Pakistan Air Force and Pakistanis are and that time during my formation I was reminded of Allama Iqbal’s verses, and the time they crossed the LOC and I destroyed their targets was the same timing there was no difference in both the action and reaction which resulted in destruction of mig 21.

Squadron leader Hassan Siddiqui repeated MM Alam Sir’s words that my sentiments emotions and fears were way back at that time what was going on my mind was prosperity and safety of my motherland, and if anyone ever dares to look at us he will be destroyed because we are here with same passion and enthusiasm. We won’t let them in, the enemy did miscalculate things they didn’t know their weaknesses and they didn’t know our strengths so it costed them badly.

He said to youngsters that keep serving Pakistan in your capacity you are also serving Pakistan so give your best and to nation ” sleep tight we are awake “.

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