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Nawaz Sharif Backs Off From All His Conditions For The Deal

Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has reportedly backed off from all the conditions he had earlier put forward for the deal according to senior journalist Mohammad Malick. Mohammad Malick made this claim during his talk show on Hum News tonight.

Mohammad Malick claimed that Nawaz Sharif has decided against confrontation with the establishment but wants his dignity restored. Furthermore, Mohammad Malick claimed that during his last meeting with Shahbaz Sharif, Nawaz Sharif made it clear that if his dignity is not restored he will not go to London even on medical grounds. He went on to add that may be after the restoration of his respect and dignity, he will stop Maryam Nawaz from political confrontation.

Senior Journalist Kashif Abbasi on this occasion stated that it will take some time for Nawaz to get his previous respect and dignity. He added that restoration of dignity means termination of all the cases against him but if that happens what would be the dignity of the courts which gave verdict against him. Kashif Abbasi said that Imran khan will never agree on this.

Another senior journalist Waseem Badami said that Nawaz Sharif’s demands doesn’t seem to be getting fulfilled anytime soon. Responding to a question regarding the arrest of Pakistan Peoples Party leaders, Waseem Badami said that it might happen but Chief Minister Sindh doesn’t seem to be going to jail any time soon.

Regarding the Karachi issue, Badami said that the federal government wants to solve the problems of the city but lacks planning and strategy for it.

Irshad Bhatti on this occasion said that if Nawaz wants the restoration of his dignity what would happen to all the things he had said in the past. Irshad Bhatti claimed that Punjab Chief Minister has some people near Imran Khan who keeps appreciating his performance.

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Live: Program Breaking Point with Malick September 15, 2019 | HUM News

Live: Program Breaking Point with Malick September 15, 2019 | HUM News

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