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Najam Sethi Concerned Over Freedom of Press

Najam Sethi is concerned about the prohibitions faced by journalists. Things are very bad as far as media is concerned. I have lived through it. We are forbidden to use certain words we are forbidden to show the demonstrations about certain things from around the world.

The military remains the most powerful institutions.We are not allowed to talk openly on certain issues ,any time the channels are issued with notices resulting in abandonment of the channels , the channels have been banned previously also now things have been going so wrong as once a channel is turned off it loses sponsors and stops earning for a longer period.It’s hard to pay salaries of employees which affect the expertise and functioning of channels.

He said YouTube has become a powerful medium but still we are facing the same things as the government often pressurizes YouTube too on which they take action and we have to go in courts for the explanation of our notices. We have to stand up, we have to survive and resist this phase and it’s not going to be easy there is a price that has to be paid for it But still unity always works we will look for the day when the government realizes this thing and changes it for the better.

He said this in an interview on YouTube. Here is link of the video .

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