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Najam Sethi On Maulana Fazl Ul Rehman Long March

Najam Sethi has said in an answer to question about the visit of the two foreign ministers in Sethi sey Sawal, he said, ” UAE and Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministers visited Pakistan and they didn’t discuss about Nawaz Sharif they came for Kashmir, they said you are pressurizing us the way you support Kashmir issue we cannot and you also too rethink about it as India is angry on it, we will not be supporting you that way. Things will get bad between us. You try to develop better relations with India, we can help in that as we have vested interests and stakes in India.

They were in Pakistan to talk about the Kashmir issue not about Nawaz Sharif.

On another question, he replied that Maulana Fazl ul Rehman has been planning and cancelling long March many times as he is helpless without Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. He has cancelled previous deadlines because both the parties refused to do a long march.

They said we are not here to relinquish government we are here for justice. But this can happen too that they may agree on doing long march but it has a rare chance . Maulana has to bring these too on same page with him for perpetrating long march. Nawaz will not agree if his party people will not approve it. Some people are waiting for Imran Khan and Establishment to confront, as no one from opposition wants to fight with Establishment as it becomes tough for them to handle later on but they are waiting for army and government confrontation and chaos but right now Zardari and Nawaz Sharif can’t agree on long march that’s why Maulana will try hard to convince them and keep on delaying it .

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