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PM Imran Khan Interview to RT News

PM Imran Khan’s interview to Russian TV.Prime Minister Imran Khan talked about indulging in American war.

He said ,

“well had not been participated in American war in 9/11 we would have not been in dangerous countries. I repeat I was against it. See here in 80’s we were training these Mujahideens against Soviet Union when they occupied Afghanistan,to do jihad against Soviet Union. These people were trained by Pakistan, funded by America (CIA) and a decade later when US came to Afghanistan, the same groups were all in Pakistan were supposed to say that no, because USA has come there it is no more jihad now it has become terrorism you know it was a big contradiction.
We lost 70 thousand lives , it was an economical setback to Pakistan I strongly felt Pakistan should have been neutral as by joining in we had lost 70 thousand lives as these groups turned against us “.

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