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Imran Khan Speech in Muzaffarabad 2019 Latest

Imran Khan Speech in Muzaffarabad 2019 Latest

“My Kashmiri brothers , first of all I would like to thank you for this overwhelming response. I have decided to become ambassador of Kashmir in the world. Because I am a Muslim, a human and our brothers in IOK are under curfew and having been treated brutally by Indian Forced . I want to send Message to Modi That you are coward the way you imposed curfew, a humanist can never do this what Modi and RSS are doing in Kashmir, they have deployed forces in Kashmir  but I also want to give message to you that you will not be successful in imposing war and curfews in Kashmir not as Kashmiris don’t fear death now. Now they are not scared now you won’t defeat them, we all must know that Modi is member of RSS since childhood. RSS ‘s inception was only to destroy Muslims in hindustan and their birth purpose was to hate and kill Muslims .”

“They wanted to teach Muslims lesson because they ruled India and that’s why they hated Muslims the most. He said I will go to world as now a Kashmir Ambassador and I will tell world that they are following Hitler and following Nazis whatever is being done in Kashmir is being done as per RSS’s ideology but this is fatal for India because this extremism and hate killed Gandhi.”

“They want ethnic cleansing of Kashmiries which will destroy moderate people’s ideology in hindustan the most , they will be suffering due to RSS and Modi Ideology. UN ‘s security council talked on Kashmir issue after 50 Year’s so Kashmir issue has got Internationallized now and now European Union for the first time admitted that Kashmir Issue should be resolved as per United Nations’s human rights policy which means that there should be referendum in Kashmir .58 countries supported pakistan’s stance who were members of UN ‘s human rights council. OIC has said that hindustan should lift curfew from Kashmir.”

Prime Minister has invoked Kashmiri Youth from crossing Line of control. He has advised them to let him go to UN first. After that he will give a call about it. Prime Minister has urged that International powers and Institutions must play their role to free Kashmir.The whole world will be responsible If this region would be indulged into the fire of a war.

Prime Minister has warned India against repeating the actions of February and to attack Pakistan.PM has conveyed a straightforward message to India that we will go to any extent in order to defend our homeland. Pakistan is capable of countering any aggression of India.

PM has urged that Kashmiri people must decide their own future and right of self determination should be given to them as promised by UN. PM has warned India that don’t take our wish of peace as our weakness. We are strong enough to defend any misadventure and example of Indian Pilot is Infront of them.

PM has once again pledged to raise Kashmir issue on every forum of the world and to fight for Kashmir till his last breath.

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