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Armeena Khan Claiming lost projects for Kashmir stand

Pakistani film and TV actress Armeena Khan has said that she has lost projects and under threat to lose her social media accounts for raising her voice in support of Indian-administered Kashmir.

Taking to Twitter on Friday night, Armeena Khan said that she was unfazed despite losing projects.

Armeena was subjected to bashing and users reported her accounts for speaking against Indian oppression in Kashmir. In a recent story on her Instagram, the starlet shared that she had been ‘shadow-banned,’ implying that her posts will not be searchable, while some of them had also been removed. She claimed that this is an attempt at silencing her from voicing the truth.

The Janaan actor had raised her voice several times, calling out the high authorities to look into the matter. Her activism had received quite the recognition as she went on to writing a letter to UNICEF after Priyanka Chopra’s ‘patriotic’ stance on the matter.
She is always be very critical as instagram tried to stop his voice by banning his account by report by Indians.

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