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58 Countries were in support of Pakistan’s stance in Geneva

Today while addressing to the parliament in the nation assembly Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that 58 countries have endorsed the point of view of Pakistan for occupied Jammu and Kashmir. He said “this is the success and we should not get sucked in the propaganda India has been doing, India is not able to show their face anywhere now, they have humiliated the human rights and have made communication blackout in Occupied Kashmir.

He further stated that yesterday 4 American congress senators have submitted a letter along with their signatures to president of Unites state Donald Trump, stating that the issue of Kashmir is so critical that we really want you to interfere in the situation to resolve it.

According to FM Qureshi 50 members of parliament have written letters to the sectary general of united nations and stated that the Kashmir issue is no intense that you should get involved in its resolution.

FM Qureshi said, the parliament members of European union have exchanged letters and for the first time in the history Kashmir issue will be raised and discussed in European parliament in Brussels.

FM Qureshi said the Kashmir issue has been remained unresolved and ignored and has been in the dusted files from decades. But now by the Grace of Allah the issue has been raised by Government of Imran Khan not only in Pakistan but also at prominent international platforms.

He further stated that “Insha’Allah the world will see it on 27th of this month when Imran Khan will raise voice of Kashmiris, Pakistan and its parliamentarians in the general assembly session of United Nations.

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