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The Golden Era of Zia ul haq

The cruel period of General Ziaul Haq.
The era when all Indian media was banned in Pakistan. There used to be one channel of the TV and the newscaster used to come along with covered head on TV.The TV broadcasts were from 4 pm to 11pm.The beginning and end of the broadcast would have been started with Quran recitation, praise and naat.

There was a severe punishment for adultery and there was complete law and order in the country. Bun kebab were of one rupee and ten rupees was just for the best burger you could eat.The oven roti came in half rupee and a worker at ten rupees ate two meals at leisure.

The political parties were banned and the politicians who misled the people were in jail.The public school fee was Rs 23 per month and the private school fee was Rs 100 per month.
The curriculum taught in the school goes through rigorous scrutiny and nothing is taught to children against Islam and anti-Pakistan.

The college had one month military training in which participants would receive 20 additional numbers local brand companies were Country’s own Polka Ice Cream, RC Cola, made toothpaste, military corn flakes were working Nasir Siddique Glass, Rahbar Water Cooler, Profit Motor Car, Yasob Truck, all brands were pakistani.
In a remote village, the mosque was used as a school between Fajr and Zuhr.

New light for educating adults
In a remote village, the mosque was used as a school between Fajr and Zuhr.

New schools were open for adults in the evenings.

Then in 1988 General Zia ul Haq was martyred in a mysterious accident and the era of Benazir Bhutto began.

First, Benazir closed down all of Zia-ul-Haq’s schemes, including the mosque school and the new light school.Then the sentence of adultery ended that ordinance abolished.Then adultery began to become commonplace in Pakistan and education became expensive and all it took was Allah’s refuge.

General Zia was a military dictator, but the disbelief of the whole world shook him. All the demons of his country were chained in his reign.We are proud of you General Ziaul Haq Shaheed.

May Allah bless him in Heaven

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