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Taliban knew US tricks about Peace Deal

Orya Maqbool Jan told the whole story, that in Afghanistan, the US wanted to induct black water and as soon as the US leaves, Blackwater will start working in US. Taliban will be direct in contact with al-Qaida so we won’t deal with them unless they will be on same page with Afghanistan government but the plan wasn’t this they wanted to induct Blackwater when,US will leave and they will start to work against Taliban and will start fighting and people will say that , there was peace when US was in Afghanistan.

During this they got to know, Taliban knew all this and they got to know that integrity camp is the headquarter they made in green valley and it has all trained people whom US wants to stay as Blackwater staff.

This camp has around two thousand Internationally trained people, the deal was almost done every thing was on same page there were signs on road maps and they agreed on that they will institutionalized Shariah law. It was done deal but later on they started to pressurize afghan to withdraw from this. Then they decided that only possibility is to make US leave Afghanistan and they did Qandoos attack after that deal got cancelled.

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