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Dr Israr Ahmad:Pakistan is a Miracle of Allah Almighty

Dr.Israr Ahmad

The creation of Pakistan itself has been a miracle seen in the 20th century. A creation of landmass of this size, with all odds stacked against its creation, was a true miracle of the 20th century.

But here it begins on another path. Pakistani’s are resilient, very resilient in the face of all odds.”

Dr. Israr Ahmed (may he rest in peace), is actually warning us as a Pakistani nation to amend our ways, & take the straight path. Our opponents cannot bear to see us as an Allah fearing & a prosperous nation, which we Inshallah can be, we as a nation lack nothing, e.g. four seasons, agriculture, scenic beauty, precious stones, gold, other minerals, gas, oil. What more do we have to ask Allah for!!!! sadly we lack spirituality. Yes, we pray to Allah to give us a guide who is Allah fearing, honest, who truly believes that he is to serve his people according to Allah’s commandants, & that he truly believes that he will have an enormous responsibility as he will have to answer to Allah on the Day of Judgement.


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