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Najam Sethi On Calling Off Peace Deals With Talibans

Najam sethi has explained about the Donald Trump’s U-turn .

President Donald Trump has called off negotiations on a terrorist attack that occured in Afghanistan and US personnel lost their lives.

Taliban’s spokesman said there was no agreement on going to camp David and sign peace deal. But US wanted this, Taliban said everything was being hosted in Qatar, All eight rounds held in Qatar so going to camp David was out of Question . Taliban were not ready to talk to Ashraf Ghani and even now they don’t want to talk, it was only for the drama and photo session because the US wasn’t interested in peace deals. Taliban said that the US wasn’t interested. I think there were problems in agreement and the US People were not on the same page that’s why they canceled and they made the attack as basis of cancellation.

It is the formula of Taliban that fights and talks, talks and fights, they never opt for smooth procedure for example negotiations also they can never talk about ceasefire.

yes ceasefire is the process they may consider later in next episode after deals.

Here we are sharing video of his complete analysis on the situation.

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