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A Forward Block Expected In PPP

A prominent and active person in Sindh who has been facing the Nab cases has said that I am soon going to be given a prominent position in Sindh. This is a big announcement as who is going to give him this position as Sindh government are not going to give it. So there are chances that forward block is being formulated in Sindh.

If the forward block will arise and try to demolish the Sindh government then the Sindhis would not  be grieved as they are in deteriorated state.
sindhis are facing lawlessness.

As per our sources Agha Siraj Durrani has been gathering 17 personnel in order to make the new government in Sindh.

If they successfully gather 17 PPP candidates from government then they can make government in Sindh .  He is going to get a position if he can gather government candidate.

Sources are saying people are fed up with the sindh government. Bilawal is in Sindh and not leaving Sindh as he has responsibilities as Asif Zardari and Faryal Talpoor are in jail. Senior people are disturbed with Bilawal due to his speeches.

So forward block can make new government in Sindh
Mubashir Luqman mentioned that as per sources , it is not me who is saying this about Agha Siraj Durrani but sources

Here is the video link

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