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Who is funding talibans in Afghanistan

After the failed Afghan Taliban and US negotiations Mubashir Luqman has raised a valid question about the huge funding that is being sent to Talibans because it has someone’s interest, planning and backing behind it as the timing of the terrorist attack in Afghanistan was too critical and after that Trump cancelled talks when the responsibility was taken by Talibans but what is the cause behind this planned and intime attack.

Also it raises the question from where they are getting supplies, logistics and where is the supply chain coming from.If you say Pakistan is doing this then sorry I am not buying that because Pakistan is hardly bearing the finances to meet the escalations at border. Pakistan doesn’t have funds on spending at others wars.A lobby in US thinks that US was not serious in leaving Afghanistan. As they want to be the watchdogs for China and Russia. Now that they have put all the blame on Afghanistan and abandoned negotiations and decided to stay in Afghanistan.

My question still is who is funding them, who is training them to use weapons and arms obviously I can’t use weapons by myself . Who is fulfilling the logistic supply chain.

It is a serious question who is financially and continually backing Taliban because they are not on good terms with their government.Afghanistan and US need to be loyal and transparent with each other and both should support Pakistan if they have made Pakistan an arbiter in the situation.

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